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Landscaping Turf

Goin Going Green installs quality putting greens in Florida.

Turf is a type of grass that is grown and cultivated specifically for use as a playing surface or for decorative purposes in landscaping. The following are some groups of people who may be interested in using or inquiring about turf:
Overall, anyone who is interested in creating an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance green space may be interested in using or inquiring about turf.


WHAT are the benefits of turf?

Turf, or grass, offers numerous benefits both aesthetically and functionally. Here are some of the key benefits of turf:

  1. Enhances curb appeal: A well-manicured lawn can significantly improve the overall appearance of a property, making it more attractive to visitors and potential buyers.

  2. Prevents soil erosion: The root system of grass holds the soil together, preventing erosion caused by wind or water.

  3. Improves air quality: Grass and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  4. Reduces heat: Grass has a cooling effect on the surrounding environment, reducing the temperature of the air and ground.

  5. Filters water: Turf grass helps to filter water, removing pollutants and improving water quality.

  6. Provides recreational space: Grass provides a safe and comfortable surface for outdoor activities like sports, picnics, and relaxation.

  7. Supports biodiversity: Lawns can support a wide variety of plant and animal species, providing habitat for birds, insects, and other wildlife.

  8. Reduces noise pollution: Turf can absorb sound, reducing noise pollution from nearby roads or other sources.

Overall, maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn or turf can provide a range of benefits for both the environment and the people who enjoy it.


Playground Turf

Playground Surfacing Florida

The foundation of any neighborhood is a playground. Children play on playgrounds, parents gather there, activities take place there, and friends are made. In essence, they serve as the neighborhood’s busy meeting spots. Because playground surfaces are used so frequently, they sustain significant wear and tear, which causes hard surfaces, rocks, and dirt to accumulate on the surface of play areas.

Children using the playground may sustain injuries from these harsh surfaces. Although though it’s hard to totally prevent childhood accidents, installing synthetic grass in a playground or daycare facility will offer a level, high-performing, and cushioned surface for all games and leisure activities.

Pet Turf

Goin Going Green installs quality putting greens in Florida.

Pet turf is a wonderful long-term solution to many difficulties that our cherished pets, both big and small, unwittingly cause. Dogs naturally dig holes, ramble down dirt walks, and go to the bathroom every day. Your once-green and lush lawn is left with yellow stains, hard-to-clean messes, and mud holes as a result. They only really want to adore you and have fun! Not only would synthetic turf grass resolve all of these typical problems and look stunning, it will also save you hundreds of dollars on landscaping costs. Make an appointment with the experts at Going Going Green for year-round durability and beauty in both large and small spaces.

Golf Turf

Goin Going Green installs quality putting greens in Florida.

You can get the best artificial putting greens in the world, not just in Florida, thanks to Going Going Green of Florida. This turf will give you a minimal maintenance golf green to work on your short game for years to come thanks to modern advancements in durability, performance, and beauty.

Custom synthetic putting greens made to your requirements, location, and golfing needs will help you improve your putting. Our synthetic golf green with a natural feel can have real grass, tee boxes, roughs, chipping areas, and even sand bunkers.

Sport Turf

Artificial Turf for Athletic Fields Florida

A natural grass athletic field requires a lot of work, takes a long time, and costs money. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain a sports field, whether it is one for baseball, football, soccer, rugby, or another sport altogether.

Sports are frequently played in damp or rainy conditions, paying little attention to the state of the field. Natural grass can develop big dirt patches, holes, and dangerous spots from misuse in damp circumstances. Maintenance teams are entrusted with filling in holes, seeding, sodding, watering, and making sure the field is in top condition for the following game once the rain has stopped and the skies have cleared. An athletic field requires a lot of effort and money to maintain.

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